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What nerds use as a second language whilist talking online to various ethnic groups and social denominations. The use of this language helps the speaker communicate in such away that all who are talked to (whether they be petephiles or 12 year old asians) can understand the language.
EX. Fractured English
<squiggy>So liek what r u guyz up to.
<petephile>nm u?
<12 year old asian> i like warcraft.
#net lingo #frac eng #net banter #italian accent #mario #luigi
by Jordan Spence August 06, 2006
What Lolcats speak. Generally misusing as many pronouns, misconjugating as many verbs, and leaving out as many letters as possible while still getting the message across.
O, Hai! How does I turned waters on? -Cat
Shut up, your fractured English is annoying. -Normal Person
No wai! Coolness. The cat has it. -Insane Person
#fractured english #lolcat english #internet slang #grammar #cat
by Danielsan42 February 28, 2008
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