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A completely prejudiced and stereotypical saying used by ignorant homophobes to justify not giving orphaned children to gay parents. This is based on the belief that all gay people are pedophiles, which is hateful and mean.
"We can't let those fags have kids, they'll just use them as sex toys! Its like the fox guarding the chicken coop!" "Dude, i'm not even gay and I know thats f*cked up.
by imgettingbored March 11, 2011
Known to liberals as "gay adoption." Involves giving orphans to gays to raise and use as sexual playthings.
Normal American 1:
"Hey, why the hell are those two men feeling up that young boy? I'm getting my gun."

Normal American 2:
"You'll go to jail, its all legal thanks to the democrats."

Normal American 1:
"What the fuck! This is the fox guarding the chicken coop."
by Rick Virginia May 30, 2009

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