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When you're making love to a women from behind and she's on all fours. Then you shift up your junk to her ass. She will begin to try to get away using all four limbs.
I gave your sister the four wheel drive last night. She's a kicker!
by Thehackett998 May 10, 2016
a suffix used for when someone says 'for real' and its bare true and you agree, you have to say drive! for example:
person 1: dat goal was bare sick

person 1 & person 2: four
by MCMoleing December 02, 2010
- when you're wheeling a girl through treacherous conditions and have to put in extra effort to avoid crashing
"Man, she just got dumped so I had to put the four-wheel drive on that bitch!"
by notgianorevan April 16, 2010
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