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Invented by JP McDaniel, the four pillars of nerddom are the four different types of a nerd.

One can be in all, some, or none of these.

Pillar 1: People who play Starcraft 2.
Pillar 2: People who play Dungeons and Dragons.
Pillar 3: People who play Warhammer 40,000.
Pillar 4: People who play Magic: The Gathering.
"I already play Starcraft 2 professionally and DnD "professionally", I also play WH40k competitively, so if I pick up Magic, then the universe will just divide by zero and explode."
- JP McDaniel

Mike: Hey John which of the four pillars of nerddom did you try to pick up?
John: Tried to pick up Magic but I didn't have the time.
by Flamerst October 22, 2013
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