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ballet feat, usually performed by women ( ballerinas )consisting in many turns one after the other, but which is different from 'pirouette' because in pirouette , with one push you perform many complete turns (from 3 to 9 if on point, more if on soft shoe) while in fouetté (literally whipped, from french) each push gives only one turn.
First ballerina to 'invent' and perform this 'pas' was Piera Legnani.
Fouetté can be seen in ballets like Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Le Corsaire and more, the music is usually lively and fouetté are about 30.
It is really awesome to see.
For those of you not in the 'field', I recommend a quick search on youtube!
Nina Anashvilli is not a fine bellarina, but her quick fouttés with hands on hips are nice.

An Example of male fouetté is to be found in ballet 'Spartacus'
by Maya is the best April 09, 2007
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