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I agree homeslice
Foshiggity nigga!
by Jesse March 08, 2004
For Sure; definately
"That movie was great don't you think?" Fo Shiggity!
by tdawg June 26, 2003
1.On the real!
2.Fo' real.
3.that is correct my boy.
person 1.Is AOL the antichrist?

person 2.FO' SHIGGTIY!
by Justin G April 03, 2003
for real.
off da fo'sheezy.
eric - Is this word leet?
justin g. - fo'shiggity
by justin g. January 06, 2003
Probably the coolest expression of confirmation around.
Ashley: "Let's go to Wendy's!"
Nick: "Fo Shiggity"


Ashley: "I'm not taking you to Wendy's..."
by porqpin3 August 06, 2009
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