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pronounced (fooooooooooo-D-Clamp)

Originated by the drunken shouts of one Dale Tourdot (pronounced: 2 dough) in an attempt to say "party time". Now a staple for the phrase "Im gonna get fucked up!" or "Fucking Sweet!". Used in extreme drunkeness as exclamation for elation or triumph. Was heard in another drunken shout on 94.1 JJO, the number one hard rock radio station in America and one of our own in Wisconsin
Drunk 1 (Whilst throwing in a game of beer pong): "Its rebuttal, make this so I can slam that keystone."
(Ker-Plunk-nothin but beer)
Drunk 2: "Foooooooooooooorty-Clamp!"

Drunk 1:"It's Sunday morning and we got nothing to do"
Drunk 2:"I got a case of keystone!"
Drunk 1:"Forty Clamp bitches"
by Colt .45 April 22, 2008