to put the if in fornification as in to ask if they would like to do that
He asked her if she would like to fornification but she had an if to talk about that he would have to be willing to she did what he wanted.
by Mr. Make it Work July 10, 2010
Top Definition
two people who are not married to eachother or dating eachother having sexual relations.
jackass: dude, i slept with a prostitute last night...

jackass's friend: you fagass thats total fornification.
by bubbahspizzarks December 22, 2008
The act of wild drunken sex
We have had some drinks how about some Fornification.
by Edratreid June 21, 2014
The act of of simultaneously bolstering the structural defenses of one's fortress and having familiar relations with one or more persons of the opposite sex.
King Henry VIII can attribute his victory at the Battle of Tours to a modernized navy and frantic fornification leading up to and during the battle.

Fred's meticulous fornification was successful in preventing outsiders entrance to his castle but the population still increased by one less than a year later.

When mastered, the skill of fornification can be one's greatest asset.
by Catherine of Aragon January 01, 2010
To use intermarriage with the locals as a way of conquering them.
The Romans discovered early that instead of building fortifications to keep the locals out, it was easier and more interesting to use fornification to keep the locals in.
by Polybius the Cosmopolite January 17, 2011
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