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Formspring is the newest outlet for jr. high/high school cyberbullling on the interwebs. you can post anonymously on anyone's page, thus creating drama when you "forget" to click anonymous. (scenerio A) also a good place for fake people, who have no friends, so they decide to ask themselves questions anonymously to make themselves look good. this also creates drama when some eagle eye calls your bluff. (scenario B)
examples of formspring bullying:
Scenario A:

fs user a: ohmygod i hate u cus ur rly ugly! by anonymous
fs user b: wow okay whatever y dont u tell me who this is?
fs user a: you'll never kno who this is!!! by fsusr12256
fs user b: AHA! you forgot to put anonymous!omg *drama*

Scenario B:

fs user a: *has no friends* OMG what a great idea i just had....*is typing into FS* "you are sooo pretty omg i wanna date yu but im scared to ask" *THINKS she clicks anonymous*
no one will ever know......
fs user b: omg, ok like why did you ask yourself a question? you're such a looooser omg!!! im tellin every1 ur a fake lier!

mature adults: jeez. middle schoolers these days.
by dontgetfeis March 27, 2010
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