An area, building or object filled with attractive people, or people who you would - i.e. have sex with.

It is derived from this area or object (such as a car) being filled with "would", sounding like "wood", therefore the connection to forest becomes apparent.
Man, that party last night was a forest! There were so many hot girls!
by DaveZeroZero April 05, 2008
The most sexy, handsome and charming womaniser you will ever meat
Guy 1: does he have another date today!?
Guy 2: yeah dude he is such a forest
by Satan1212312323 April 19, 2013
A girl's ass, usually round, and only said so you can say it out loud without people knowing what your talking about.
Bob: "Hey dude look at that forest over there, its huge!"
Chris:"Hey where? (stares at ass) Nice find dude!"
by Asbel Flann May 14, 2015
a word used in wikipedia pranking
During the Middle Ages Bondy was primarily forest. The forest of Bondy was a well-known haunt of bandits and robbers and extremely dangerous.
by 2012#147 May 25, 2009
Forests are amazing things. They are one of the greatest parts of nature. There are many types of forests such as Pine Forests, Rainforests, Jungles, Bushlands, Old Growth Forests, etc.

They are usually very spiritual and sometimes can be extremely dark. They are the best place to get away from human society. But unfortunetly for people who care about nature and also for animals, there are loggers cutting down trees for their societies bullshit.
Forests, Mountains, Canyons, Rivers, Deserts, Lakes, Deserted Beaches, Oceans, Grasslands, Wetlands, Mangroves, Swamps, The Sky, Sunsets, and many others are all amazing things about nature.
by DarkAmbientForest February 26, 2011
1.A vastly wooded area containing trees and/or plants

2.An EXTREMLY tall kid who runs like a girl, likes stripping to an pennywise song, went out w/ 2 ulgy chicks and wasnt even able to get any! Also isnt the tallest person in the grade anymore and isnt quite sure of his sexual orientation.
-"Run forest, Run!!"
by ns hockey king October 27, 2006
A total manwhore. He has gone out with 8 girls in 7 weeks and now he is going out with his EX again even though a much better girl likes him A LOT. Forest is completely oblivious to evrything that girls are trying to say and is a total flirt to every girl that crosses his path.
"Forest I need to think (a lot)."
"Don't talk to Forest, he is a man whore." said Alex.
by Amanda the Slut =P November 24, 2007
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