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Noun; Someone (particularly females;however can also apply to males) who is attracted a person of a noticably different ethnic background - whether it be for their looks and/or material things they possess, (refer to guidos) style of their culture, etc. - and is often in most cases known for it amongst their peers. It simply defines what kind of guys/girls they like; *foreigners.

*foreigners is being used here in reference to people outside of the US, particularly central or eastern Europe or the Middle East.
- Albania
- Greece
- Lituania, Lativa, Estonia
- Bosnia & Herczegovina
- Macedonia
*also Italy. (people with darker hair with olive skin)


Alissa: Dude! Did you see that hot Macedonian over there?
Alana: OMG yes!! He looks so good, I love a man with tanned skin and dark hair.
Alexis: You guys are such foreign chasers!


Courtney: Now idk about you, but I'm a foreign chaser.
Dana: Ew, I like my countryboys.
by blondie238 January 20, 2011
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