(adj): one who is extremely tardy or behind on important deadlines yet displays a lack of concern
He was being Forbish about his extended essay draft.
by DJ April 18, 2005
Top Definition
to be like a forbes, to be small, cute and hobbit-like. To perform actions in a cute manner
"look at her moving her head, shes so forbish"
by PC February 09, 2005
to be like forbe, or forbe2

one who is little but thinks himself important, one who exclaims "goody" when delighted, one who seeks vengeance for perceived wrongs, never real ones.

an "I'll pay you back double" attitude
He is really forbish about what that silly girl did, and she will get paid back big time.
by PhilMcCrakken December 28, 2008
All around lazy and unmotivated. Usually brushing off tasks onto other coworkers.
Britt was feeling forbish today.
by Phill Kerr May 08, 2008
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