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When you love someone you can 't have. Like, if you've loved someone for a long way but they don't love you back or don't know you love them and have another partner. There's also a forbidden crush, which is similar.
"I love him. I always have. But I can't have him."

"Damn straight. He's got a girlfriend who he's crazy about! It's a forbidden love."
by justme00 May 05, 2008
To be forbidden from someone.
No not just someone. Your one true love
you cant have them
you cant want them
you just cant
your forbid!
someone:"Eden you cant love her. You cant see her. You cant!"
Eden: "Uh so shes my forbidden love?"
by love09 August 03, 2007
The worst thing that can happen. Sadly, it hapens in many ways.
1)they will never love you back. Sad but oddly, easy to recover when you meet someone else. Usually resulting in you thinking "screw you your loss"
2)Society won't let you be together. This hasn't happened since Romeo and Juliette, so I'm not gonna explain it.
3)You love eachother but distance separates you. The worst one. The one I've personnally experianced myself. I lived on California coast, he lived in Reno nevada. We met at camp, loved eachother completly, but then camp was over.You turn into a mess for about 3weeks to a month. Then you think about them, but no more tears. You never fully recover, you just have to move on. Any love will destroy you, so just avoid it if possible.
1) Psh, whatever. I got someone better then you and it's your loss.So much for forbidden love
2)But...we can never be together, everyone forbids it
3)I miss you.
by chocolatelove22 April 19, 2009