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It's usually used when you are surprised to learn something. Other uses are to add how serious you are being about something. The last and most obscure usage is to explain the status of a couple. They are "For Realsies" if they are officially dating.
Usage 1:(shock)
"Koalas aren't bears they're marsupials!"
"For realsies?!?"

Usage 2:(add sincerity)
"I have always dreamed of being a plumber"
"Are you serious?"
"For realsies."

Usage 3:

"Did you here Jack and Jill are for realsies now?"
"For realsies?!?"
"For realsies."

#for real #seriously #oh my god #no way #for reals
by No credit August 09, 2007
a reaction to truth. asking if something is true.
"i hate you." ..."OMG, forrealsies?"
#forreal #fersure #seriously #legit #honestly
by EPHem March 26, 2009
For Real; This shit is real; How reals are you keepin it?

Slang for hey ho hows your father bingo bango bongo
"This pepsi tastes like shit"
"For Realsies."
#for realsies #realzzies #for real #real #legit
by Gregzzies March 19, 2007
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