Foppish Dandies primarily are concerned with wit, revelry, and their own stylish appearance. Often confused with gay men (who are also stereotypically well-dressed and witty) they're traditionally unconcerned with sexual preference and many were notorious rakes and womanizers. Well known foppish dandies include John Malcovich in Dangerous Liasons, Andre 3000, Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, Errol Flynn, and the Duke of Windsor.
Mr. W_________, a foppish dandy of eccentric proportion, managed to lure the chambermaid into his boudoire with a measure of port every bit as ample as her heaving, corseted bosom.
by ross morrison March 21, 2006
Top Definition
Foppish Dandies are gentlemen of wit and learning, who are known to jape and jest at the expense of others. They wear only the finest doublets and waistcoats, and their devastating bon mots are feared by ladies and gentlemen of good standing every-where.

Foppish Dandies tip their caps at jaunty, rakish or even saucy angles. They compose satirical quatrains while prancing merrily, gadding about gaily, kicking their heels to and fro.

They have also been known flout good taste by wearing the gaudiest and most ostentatious monocles. Some Foppish Dandies comport themselves in a boorish manner, and stay up all night drinking vermouth and squandering their family fortunes at whist.
Lord Hamond Snape Titmarsh-Magpie comported himself in a most boorish manner, affecting the dress and japery of a Foppish Dandy and was slapped by no fewer than eight ladies of good standing for his bold and ribald comments.
by Sonobovich July 17, 2006
A Extravagantly dressed gay man. Often in a suit, top hat and cane. Usually talks like a rich man with a touch of lisp.
No no no frank that is not a gay man. Notice his shinned shoes and nice shirt. That my friend is a Foppish Dandy. Still gay though. Walk past him with a simple whistle of the tune from andy griffin. IF he makes a pass whistle louder.
by KILLKEV November 20, 2004
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