Its when you think you have a fart but instead, "Surprise" it turns out to be a dookie. A fookie
Please don't fookie in my bed.
by Ekid February 16, 2013
Top Definition
Defines a style: Crazy hair and wild clothing. Not the nicest kid in class. Opposite of loomie.
That crazy dude over there i very fookie!
by Hans Kristian November 10, 2007
Fookie ADJ meaning a young asian cookie pussy
for instance: on the asian guy would say fookie!
by jesus the anti christ July 28, 2007
A word for a horrible smell of fish and dookie. Fish + dookie = fookie.
Man, you smell like fookie, go take a shower!
by WindexDJD October 11, 2005
god damn nub. fucking rookie.
Collector is a fookie.
by jehbud April 21, 2003

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