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The retards of Runescape, worse then a noob, or even a /b/tard. These guys have 1 defense and carry a full invetory of sharks. When they cant hit on someone because their defense is normal they start yelling out DEF NOOB DEF NOOB OMFG!@#!@#!@#! These guys ruined PVP because they think everyone should have 1 defense, therefore people with good armour will get turned down when fighting. The thing is, In a real war, you dont take off your armour and run around like an idiot
food noob:Hey you come fight me
regular person: ok
food noob: Hey why dont you take off all of your armour?
regular person: Um, No because you will kill me?
food noob: DEF NOOB DEF NOOB DEF NOOB!!!!!
by PERSON1231231235555555 June 21, 2009

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