A period after a large meal, usually resulting in a feeling of drowsiness and the need to unbuckle your belt. Common days where a Food Coma is prevalent are Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the importance of huge meals and overly fattening food.
I experienced a major Food Coma over Thanksgiving Break, because my mom made stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and pie... I ate all of it.
by Sick From Eating November 25, 2011
Eating so much food that you feel as if you are about to pass out or fall asleep.
Last night I went to McDonalds, taco bell, KFC, and pizza hut. I ordered two big macs, three chalupas, twelve piece bucket of chicken, and a supreme pizza. After eating, I was not able to move, so I called in sick the next day and told my boss that I was suffering from a food coma.
by Gazelle462 February 06, 2015
An excuse to blow off work after eating too much at lunch.
I think I'm gonna crawl under my desk after that heaping helping of mashed potatoes, because I can already feel the food coma creeping up on me...
by kellyj2777 November 11, 2005

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