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(syn foo foo dust, fu fu dust, fu-fu dust])
A non-existant magical dust, used as a metaphor for whatever the hell it is that keeps desireable men in relationships with apprently undesirable women. Probably derived from foo foo or fu fu (the two are synonymous by synecdoche), though the nonsensical nature of the term probably implies that the term could have easily arisen "a tempore."
"Dude, Ben has been dating her for a long time but she is totally lame."

"Yeah, he's totally doped up on her foo-foo dust"
by cosmo July 20, 2004
A reference to a (non-existent) power or mysterious ingredient or hidden effort that creates desirable results. Results achieved, as if by magic, perhaps by slight-of-hand.
We hit our net income numbers through hard work, luck, and a little foo foo dust by the accountants.
by b nivek January 08, 2009
slang for crack cocaine.
when you gonna get me that foo-foo dust, you crappy crack dealer?
by the gibbonator June 26, 2006
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