To bail out flaking of appointments at the last minute with really lame ass excuses like.... "hey, how's it going, it's **** i just got your text message, sorry bro, ummm, i think i'm gonna have to cancel last minute, i started work this week, as i think i mentioned to you in my email on Monday, yeah it's been a tough transition getting settled in, kinda draining physically mentally so, ummm, still in the Peninsula, took a half hour nap and by the time i get there, it'll prob be like 9, and i know you're gonna be there until 9:30, so, hopefully maybe we can get together tomorrow, spoke with ####, so I'll give you a call and try to shoot for Saturday and hope you're having a good time, and I spoke with #### and heard it was a good turnout, so i'll kick your butt in pool next time and we'll get together soon. alright, talk to you later."
Dude, are you fonging on me? what kind of lame ass excuse is "i'm really tired. I've gotta bail. I'll make it up to you next time." That's so shady.
by spidey1000 May 13, 2008
Top Definition
Your intrail will become your extrails... pain... lots of pain...
"One more word, and i will give you the fonging of your life."
by lucly110 February 18, 2004
To beat the shit out of someone within an inch of their life.
When i finish fonging your ass you're going to be sorry
by Jack Arentz January 11, 2004
Fonging is when you take the rack out of your oven, tie two strings around the end, wrap the other end of the strings around your fingers, and then bend over slightly from the waist and put your fingers in your ears, at which point others gently tap on the rack with kitchen utensils such as wooden salad spoons, turkey basters, or screwdrivers and it makes an amazing sound in your head.
Fonging with your friends is a great way to have fun.
by Erasmus Caffery October 03, 2006
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