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aka- "pull a follert", "pulling the follert", or "dog whispering".

::A high priority, condom-less act of hitting on the ugliest girl in the room first, in an attempt to save time by getting laid quickly.

::A manuever that throws standards clear out the window, landing the recipient with any girl that no one else wants, just so he can get his dick wet.

::A ravishing wet dream that's insanely homosexual in nature. Often occuring when one falls asleep in an Aaron Rogers or Tim Tebow jersey after watching football.
Darvin: What are you doing tonight? *eyebrow raise*
Jason: I need to get off bad tonight bro, I think I'm gonna pull a follert.
Darvin: No way.. You're going to follert?
Jason: Follert...
by GBBoytoy2008 June 17, 2011
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