A term used by preteen Asian kids as a substitute for the word "fag" because they are not allowed to swear.

It came about in a text-message because "oi" together kind of look like an "a."
Preteen Asian kid #1: Dude, let's play COD.
Preteen Asian kid #2: I can't, my mom says I have to go skating with my sister.
Preteen Asian kid #1: just ditch her, foig!
by supercoolnothin April 14, 2013
Top Definition
Began when a group of seniors from Magee Secondary in Vancouver, BC would say in the hallways to confuse students and teachers. From that time, its grown into a well known term.
"awwe FOIG"

*a bitch-made looking group of guys pass you*
by Chris A. Wills January 01, 2008
A variation of the insult fag.

Mainly used to yell at people from when inside cars to call them fags quickly, and sometimes, confuse them.
*Geoff is riding an electric scooter to school going 32 km/ph*

As you pass by with a group of hooligans in your car going 70 in a school zone, you roll down your windows and yell "foig".

by Nisga October 10, 2006
an "intellectual sport" such as debate, model un, etc, which is competitive, can involve a team, but does not require physical exertion. no one knows how to catagorize marching band, though. even now. pronounced so it rhymes with toy-g (not fwahg)
Bob: Debate is TOTALLY a sport.
Tom: No man, it's a foig.
by foigplayer January 01, 2014
Find Out In Game. Plain and simple.
Question: "Hey do undead take more damage from silver weapons?"
Answer: "FOIG!"
by Laini August 02, 2006
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