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a fake boho, or boheimian. A storebought boho look, brand new-old cloths. fashion trend, vs life style.
I just bought a mass produced tye dyed tunic, i love it even though it's foho.
by Jay Casale December 09, 2005
FoHo stands for Full on Hard on (This usually only happens to the Male gender when looking at porn, hot women, or because of the random boner syndrome)
Example: Dude! Becky gave me a FoHo today!

Example2: Bro! Bro! Check out my FoHo!

Emaxmple3: I always wake up with FoHos!
by DKdonkeykong November 02, 2011
A shampoo in the 80's. No lie. Stands for For Oily Hair Only. Don't think it did very well.
The FOHO comercial is on again.
by Oblaidon November 02, 2006
Fo-Ho is a person that is addicted to posting in know them... they join a forum and scatter-gun-comment on every topic whether they have anything to add or not...never actually researching a topic they may not have any knowledge of, but rather proffering the pomposity of verbosity to see their own words in print in a failed attempt to take down, sidetrack or confuse an opinion or lucid discussion..
Bill: Actually there were 15 Senators present at the meeting and can be verified by the sign in log at

Bob: Yeah I saw that...lucky the sign in log was available to peruse ! I thought there were more. But enough for a vote!
Scamper: 15...? No no no not even.. there aren't even 15 Senators in any one meeting at any time. I think you probably were counting the secretaries too. ...and I know for a fact there aren't 15 chairs in that room..the janitor told me and he cleaned that room right after they they are lying...! All Senators lie!
Bill: Ermm... there was a log... with signatures..and is a verified watchdog.
Bob: Don't pay Scamper any mind Bill, he's a Fo-Ho... gotta comment on every post in the forum.. Been a member for 3 days and has 1500 comments...
by hircus susurro April 04, 2014
a forest prostitute (or sleazy sprites as they liked to be called), that typically feeds magic mushrooms to their clients.
Hey man - what's with the pine needles on your crutch? Oh, it's was that nasty two-dollar Fo-Ho from last night!
by G-Lo 11015 September 05, 2011
an erotic wet girl
HAyden's Mom is a foho that likes the slong
by Hayden and Billy February 22, 2003
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