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FOGLU (fawg-lu):

Acronym for "fell/fall on ground laughing uncontrollably".

Happens in moments of extreme hilarity.

LOL to the power of 100.

A person might foglu because of something another has said.

Often proceeded by the words 'totes magotes' to show that it was a legit foglu and not just a stupid, plain-old 'lol'.

Forms: foglu, foglues, foglu'd, fogluing, fogluer (noun)
OMG dude, it was so funny! It made me foglu!

Man, it was hilarious! I totes magotes foglu'd!

Bro! She thought I was so funny! I totally made her foglu!

Oh sure! He foglues all the time! What a laugh!

Guy, you shoulda seen it! He was fogluing like there was no tomorrow.

He was rolling on the ground. What a fogluer!
by Bick Nessey June 27, 2011