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(adj) From "foca", italian fof "seal".

Refered to a girl or young woman, possibly an attractive one, that's most of the time giggly, happy and fun. The distincitive mark of a girl who is "focheggiante", is the habit to exult and show joy with hand-clap like movements, and performing small jumps at every occasion for joy, thou little it could be.

This performance recalls the movences of trained seals when they clap fins and perform little acrobatic tricks at circuses. The little gurgles and laugh the focheggiante girl utters when performing recall the rhythm of the seal's funny honking.
"I wake up on the wrong foot today, but i've met Cate, and now i feel better"
"Yea, she's so focheggiante, she cheer you up even if you are on your way to a funeral"
by ilBarbogio January 28, 2012
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