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little town in saskatchewan too small to be on a map.. filled with ukrainians.
-there is a crappy pool that charges 5 $ to go swimming

the hilight of ur life in foam lake will be waving to a granny in a babushka.
lots of bake sales
where teens buy a van called the booze cruiser drive drunk then jumpout the van and practically killl themselves!!!!! dont sit in the back theres lotsa puke and piss back there:P
"everybody's grandparents live in foam lake"

person 1: dude what did ya do last night!?
person 2: i took the booze cruiser out got drunk then decided to tuck and roll because the van was a transformer!!

person 1: makes sense ur from foam lake!
by grannydaze July 13, 2011
Small town. Nothing to do. Ukrainians everywhere.
Population of Foam lake : 1100 and decreasing.
by raisedthenmovedaway November 29, 2013
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