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A cooler name for Fort Myers, Florida. We all hate it here. Don't ever come unless you want to see old-fat people and seriously want to die of boredom.
"where do you live?"
"Fo Town"
"hah sucks for you!"
"At least I don't live in lame-ass Cape Coral bitch!"
by Not sayin' October 19, 2007
Fort Myers Florida, where all da beaches at! Hometown of Baby V- Vonzell solomon from American Idol
Fo'Town is a gangsta ass city!
by LoveYouLongTime December 14, 2006
"fotown" is an abbreviation for fort myers, fl.
"I'm going back to fotown this weekend.
by Litjit January 27, 2010
a ghetto saying for tha city "fort myers"

fo (fort myers) town
where u stay att? fo-town bihh! OR JUST fo town!
by bella. brasileira June 09, 2007