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Double meaning. Inquery as to whether some one is being not only serious, but for real as well.
After a story or tale: Oh my goodness! Are you fo'cereal?
by Jeremy Levenson November 01, 2006
for real or for serius
Jamaal-I wanna smakc taht fool Lavar upside his head
DeShaun-Fo Cereal?
Jamaal-Damnn Skippy
by L-Cash February 22, 2005
To check somethin in the affirmative
Niglit 1: yo bro i just found a tenner on the floor

Niglit2: fo' Cereals!??

Niglit1: yeah yeah fo cereals!
by Spanz123 May 16, 2012
1. A phrase which is similar too if not transferable with the phrase "for serious". Might not be considered a simile though.

2. Refers to a retarded duck that pisses on grapes and eats vanilla wafers.

3. "I am cereal"-meaning i am cereal, stop eating me!
1. Willy Wonka: Dude all the classes are two hours longer!
Tom Cruise: Dude are you Fo' cereal!?

2. Fo' cereal get your ignorant ass off my grapes!!!

3. Ouch! My cardboard innards are falling all over the place...oh sweet lawd jeebus chrysler...spare an old Fo' cereal so'!!!
by The Real Dach August 18, 2007
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