(Flaw Nigga Shit) the state or being of a flaw stereotypical African american
1."Wasn't you suppose to go pick up your girl an hour ago?"
Naw she can walk.
"Dangggg, thats that FNS."

2."A man, why you ran when I got jumped?"
You got jumped?
"Fuck you man! You on that FNS!"
by IcyM14 June 01, 2011
Top Definition
for nostalgia's sake; do something for the past great memories.
I popped in The Legend of Zelda into my old NES FNS :D
by bdrssxer September 02, 2008
for nostalgia's sake
I haven't watched My Neighbor Totoro in since I was a kid... I'm gonna watch it again fns.
by bdrssxer August 31, 2008
Fake Nigga Shit.

Used when someone's actions denote lameness, or a lack of agreement with a code of morality (bro code, etc.)
Person 1: "Yo, fuck your hometown! That shit is lame."

Person 2: "Damn son, why you gotta hurt my feelings like that. That's on some FNS."
by McBoner July 02, 2012
FNS stands for Flared Nostril Syndrome. It occurs when someone has abnormally large and/or flared nostrils all the time. A perfect example of this syndrome is on Mark Texiera of the Yankees, he has a bad case of it.
Hey man, what's wrong with that guy's nose?

Nothing, he just has a bad case of FNS.
by Miker94 October 26, 2009
Generally, to screw someone or something over, or otherwise mess things up (such as plans or a game). Can be used interchangeably with Bullshit.
Darren: Hey man, I'm on our way
Madonna: Oh, well I'm about to leave
Darren: What? You said you were gonna be there for awhile
Madonna: Yeah but I got bored
Darren: This is some FNS, man
by fadu09 April 01, 2010
A living hell. Given by teachers that are PMSing or being bitchy (they think you have done something "wrong"). Given on Friday nights after school ends, you are forced to go sit in a room, with strangers, and do nothing. The most common forms are 4 hours and 2 hours. FNS stands for Friday Night School.
me: "OMG! I just got a fucking FNS! My math teacher is a bitch, I didn't even to anything!!! I am so not going to that bitches FNS!"

friend: "what the? That sux, if you don't go you'll get an ISD!"

me: "screw that fucking bitch!"
by fuckingworld November 01, 2007
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