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fuck me now used by horny bastards that can't get their girlfriends to fuck them normally!
i want u to fmn says the stupid fucking bastard!
by arkus October 28, 2005
Fuck my neighbors (FMN) is used to commonly express your anger towards neighbors.
My neighbor's dog shit in my yard, FMN!

So what, my neighbors got a new Mercedes, FMN!
by Shit my neighbors do September 03, 2011
For my nigger/s

A synonym for your group of friends.
...Nah man, I left her FMN.
by BennRo March 03, 2012
FMN - Flare My Nostrils

Similar to KMT
Whats wrong with Freshies..come here and think they're better than us..FMN!
by AP99 December 06, 2009
the gang, Fly Money Niggaz
FMN ain't shit to other gangs
by BTO Gang December 19, 2008
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