when the girl is at the edge of the bed and her legs are up in the shape of a "V". you then hold her ankles and begin to ram her in an upright thrusting moation trying to get her off the bed as if to fly.
my girl and i got some good lift off from the Flying V last night
by everybodywantssome November 06, 2009
A hypothetical badge of honour awarded to a guy who's taken a girl's virginity. Only works AFTER a certain age
Dude 1 - "I hope you earned your flying V with that chick last night"

Dude 2 - "Totally!!"

Dude 3 - "Dude...not cool...she's like 15"

Dude 1+2 - "Ohhhhh..."
by Awesomnialistic October 10, 2011
When a group of 5 or more males jerk each other off, in an homage to the Mighty Ducks 'V' formation. This act is often accompanied by repeated quacking during each down stroke. Often done while ice skating up and down the hockey rink.
We were going to do a circle jerk after the hockey game, but me and my four teammates decided to do a Flying V instead.

by Scrubasaurus Rex Grossman January 24, 2009
Slang for a adolescent male virgin.

A reference to the popular Gibson 'Flying V', famous for it's V shaped guitar body. This guitar was originally seen as too radical during its early days, and was generally somewhat unpopular. Since then its popularity and fan base has grown exponentially. Its one of the most coveted guitars on the market.
Dude 1: "Dude, did you hear about James?"
Dude 2: "No, what?"
Dude 1: "Dude, that Flying V totally played his first chord last night."
Dude 2: "Dude!"
by Valient September 04, 2013
1.) A V-shaped guitar.
2.) A tactic used on the ice in the Mighty Ducks movies, in which the players would for a "V" shape with one person in front and pairs of players following from behind (as seen below).
2 2
3 3
4 4
"Dude, did you see those dudes do the Flying V in the Mighty Ducks?"
by Dude2 September 27, 2005
A group of ducks flying in the air....
women usually do this on the ground, resembling the Flying V
by Duck Hunter 1986 August 14, 2009
A sexual posistion consisting of two men and a woman.
The woman is suspended between the two men, with her legs spread outwards in a V shape (hence the name). One guy then takes her in the ass. The other up the front.
Both men hold on and jiggle her up and down.
Jeff: Fuck me, that flying V with jefilf was so phitt last night. I nearly creamed myself just thinkin about it.
J7X: I know man, i DID cream myself, all over her face.

And the moral of this story is, jefilf is fit.
by J7X November 25, 2006

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