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A famous screensaver invented by Wes Boyd for the Macintosh computer, showing a squadron of winged toasters zooming across the stratosphere.
Call me old-fashioned, but I still think the flying toaster screensaver is cool.
by Jay Young February 20, 2005
(n) - A shit at work so long in duration that the screensaver on your computer activates while you are gone.
Host of meeting: I see everyone from payroll could make it, accounting - where is Chris?

Accountant: He's probably taking a Flying Toaster, he hit the mexican buffet yesterday.
by terdbyrglar January 13, 2014
A phrase used by online multiples. Mocks the erroneous popular concept that people with multiple personalities have amazing psychic powers and fritz out electronic equipment a lot.
Cherryblossom House had a power outage last night. I bet their husband thinks they did it with their flying toaster powers.
by Jay Young November 15, 2004
Fuck a chick, ejaculate, hit her in the head with a toaster
by G Price October 15, 2003
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