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A bunny with the amazing biscuit power to go soggy when dipped in tea, now where did i put my toenail's oh no i swallowed one (pretends to cry), how will i get back to my pinaples now wait i can use my bunny wings to fly there and if anyone gets in my way i will kill them with my red lazer eyes, he fly's up but someone throws a spade at him he looks to see who it was but then gets sucked through a planes engines only one person goes to his funeral and that was....... The guy who turns into a curly fry with a tie who likes pork pies and if he dousnt have one within a certain amount of time he die's but beore that he flies onto a rugby pitch and scores a tri but the ref says it dousnt dousnt count because he poked someone in the eye so he flies into the sky and gets shot down and falls into a pig sty and that was the end of (go to start of name)
<look mom it's a flying red eyed bunny
>Theres no such thing son
<Yes there is i hate you!!!!!
>well you were an acident and you came out backwards!!!
<your mean as a jelly bean with cream
>(shoked) =0
<look its the amazing blazing double glazing squad!!!
>Realy (getting exited)
by Theflyingredeyedbunny April 04, 2010
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