The states flown over by many flights going to New York to Los Angeles. These states are often ignored and thought to be second class to coastal states. This however is not true. These states are populated with people who work hard.
The fly-over states often have many educational opertunities including colleges like South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. If one would like to learn about these states, they should visit the fly-over states.
by Hardworking American April 21, 2012
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States in the middle of the United States that generally aren't destinations for travelers or tourists and are generally flown over when traveling from coast to coast. Some fly-over states include Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, Iowa, and Arkansas.
Ari Gold in Entourage: The last thing we need is the soccer moms in the fly-over states thinking that Aquaman is a homewrecker.
by abargo April 16, 2007
A state which people fly over in order to get from New-York to California.

Examples of fly-over states: Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, Montana.
by thebeatles999 April 26, 2009
A pejorative term used by residents of either coast to refer to all US states that do not border an ocean, particularly those in the Midwest.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "Chicago.
Person 1: "Where the hell is that? Is it a foreign country like Africa or something?"
Person 2: "No, it's in the US."
Person 1: "What state? Probably some lame state like East Dakota or Toronto or Mt. Rushmore."
Person 2: "Illinois actually."
Person 1: "AHAHAHAHAHA LOOOOOOSER! It must suck ass living in the flyover states! Picking corn and milking cows and going to pig shows and shit. Your life sounds terrible."
Person 2: "Yeah...where are you from?"
Person 1: "Stockton, beeotch. Eat that."
Person 2: "Where is that?"
Person 1: "Um, hello, California, duh."
Person 2: "Oh that place. I remember seeing it in a Most Depressing Cities in the US article. Must be awesome sitting in front of your foreclosed mobile home watching Teen Mom reruns on an old black and white TV, wishing you'd catch a break and get cast in the next season, all while trying not to get shot."
Person 1: "Yeah, it is awesome."
by Nicholas D January 19, 2012
Fly over state is a part of the United States of America that is between the East and the West coasts. There are not many transportation stops there, because it is mostly a fly over state.
Nebraska is a fly over state, or Oklahoma, for example.
by malkahanna September 17, 2008
Any boring and unremarkable state that has to be flown over to get to interesting states such as California and New York. Typical fly-over states are Montana, Oklahoma, Indiana, etc.
The new guy at work is from some fly-over state. I don't remember if he said he was from Wyoming or West Virginia.
by Euorgos June 26, 2011
The states people fly-over when flying from New York to California. They represent the Mid-West and Southern states which are deemed "redneck" states.

These states lack culture and are crawling with uneducated white trash. They tend to show contempt towards the coastal cities, mainly because their own ignorance and low-class lifestyles hold them back from reaching any educational or capitalistic achievements, and thus blame the coastal cities for their own demise. Tourists tend to avoid these states, as there is nothing to do there and they do no contribute to American culture, as do the east and west coasts.
John: People in fly-over states are stuck in their own hell. No Ivy League schools, no exciting cities, and awful weather.

Joe: Yeah, there's nothing to do there. God bless the coastal cities!
by abowlofsoup September 20, 2011

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