1. A generic term pertaining to several widespread, unrelated families of passerine birds- Old World Flycatchers, Paradise Flycatchers, and Tyrant Flycatchers being just a few examples.

2. A person who attracts public attention by loudly announcing that your fly is open.
Person: (Pointing to a bird) Hey! What's that over there?
Birdwatcher: Hmmm...it looks like some sort of flycatcher...

"My girlfriend told me to zip up my fly while we were at a fancy restaurant yesterday."

"Gee, what a flycatcher!"
by Birdmaster300 April 05, 2009
A person who ambles around in a permanently gormless and confused state.
Matt: "Who's that spaced-out tool?"
Charlie: "That's fly catcher. He's an idiot."
by Mattress February 08, 2007
A gormless, moronic person who looks like they struggle with simple tasks and cant seem to close their mouth at all as their teeth seem to be too large for their mouth.
There is a kid at my school called young money and he goes to the gym 7 days a week and never could close his mouth!
so we all call him fly catcher.
by Slumdog Millionaire March 24, 2009
Masturbating with one hand, you ready the other hand in the air. Just before release, aim your cannon at an angle up, and when you finish, catch the semen with your hand-in-waiting. Then, tell your friends that you caught a fly. When they ask to see it, slap them, and run.
Tony: Hey, Josh, I caught a fly!

Josh: Can I see it?

Tony: Yeah... (smack) HA, you got smacked by semen! It's the FLY-CATCHER!!!!!
by Richard Huge May 13, 2010
another term for moron. they breath mainly through their mouths, and can become confused when trying to do more than one thing at a time. this includes talking while breathing.
the guy at the cricket store is such a fly catcher. he ignored me, and when he was listening he didnt get anything right.
by RAWRjosh June 26, 2007
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