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the resulting mess of a weather event that occurs when a hurricane hits the mountains in late october. Symptoms include white-outs, horizontal snowfall, bitter winds, frostbite, and bad driving.
October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy is officially promoted to flurricane status.
by mahalo-007 October 29, 2012
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When a winter storm hits with all the sound and fury of a hurricane, excepting its seasonal misplacement. What would be rain is snow, what would be winds are blizzard / white out conditions, waves become plowed snow, electric lost, electric storms in the clouds.
see HURRICANE and just add ice/snow/winter
February 25 and 26 2010 in the Northeast United States - "My, I guess we survived that flurricane but, whoa look at all this white stuff everywhere"
by sg4eyes February 26, 2010
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Like a Hurricane, 'cept instead of rain you get snow. The snow then cripples the city it hits, paralyzing travel and delaying almost everything that day.
Kip: Man, I couldn't get out of my drive way this morning!

Don: Yeah, can you believe the flurricane we got last night? Syracuse was totally snowed!
by CNYJedi February 26, 2010
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