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A person who experiences fluid sexuality will experience changes in their sexual orientation, whether over a lifetime, years, months or sometimes weeks or days at a time.

People who identify as having fluid sexuality often see it as a distinct sexual orientation.
A person with fluid sexuality may be attracted only to men for much of their life but gradually experience a growing attraction to women.

A person may only be attracted to men for a number of months, then experience equal attraction to both genders for a period of time, then experience attraction to neither gender for a time and so on. This would be fluid sexuality.
by Trixie42 June 13, 2011
Another term from bisexuality.
It's the idea that your sexual orientation just changes randomly, or sometimes periodically, over your lifetime. It's a pretty idiotic idea, and doesn't stand on it's own in terms of sexuality. The fact that your preference of some thing changes time to time does not warrant an entire label. A gay man may be into blondes for a couple months, then find that he likes gingers now. This does not mean he gets an entire label, like fluid homosexuality, or whatever the fuck, i don't know.

It's conception stems from people wanting to deem themselves special and separate themselves as a minority in society. This allows them to bitch and whine about how they are persecuted in said society, and is essentially just another excuse for tumblr fags to cry about oppression and privilege. Pretty much like otherkin and agender people.
Mark: Hey man what's up?
Joe: Nothing, just the fact that im gay now.
Mark:... what?
Joe: Im gay Mark
Mark: I thought you were Bi
Joe: I was bi last year dipshit. I was straight for a couple months, but now i've changed into a gay man. This means i have fluid sexuality.
Mark: But that just means you've changed your preference, so you're still bi.
Joe: Don't fucking oppress me asshole white cis scum. Im leaving to hang out with Susan and Mary.
Mark: Mary, the girl who thinks she's a fucking wolf? Susan, The girl who thinks she's neither male nor female?
Joe: The wolf who knows shes a wolf now, you insensitive ass. And call Mary by her preferred agender pronouns, They.
Mark: What the fuck does that even mean?
by MUH PRIVILEGE February 04, 2016

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