A slang word, Generally refering to ROFL or LOL, possible in cursing the gods.
You: I failed the test from last week.

Me: Same here! Fluffernuggets!


You: I slept with my teacher

by YoJansky June 10, 2009
Top Definition
noun. Also known as the common housecat. In certain coastal areas of New England, this term can also be used to describe any adorable creature, but primaily refers to those in the family Felidae, or feline species.
I need to use a lintbrush to remove all of the fluffernugget fuzz from my sweater.

The fluffernugget at the animal shelter is named Lord Fuzzybottom.
by fenian75nw June 06, 2010
A name given to a person whom you love very much because fluff sounds like love only cooler. And who doesnt love nuggets??
Me: Why hello there Fluffernugget. How are you today?
You: I'm good thanks for asking. :]
by marauderdaughter May 04, 2010
A phrase used in school when your teacher wont let you swear when you break your pencil lead... Often used when you cant think of anything else to say in place of f*ck or something like that.
Girl 1: Oh gosh darnit fluffernuggets!
Teacher: Nice choice of language!
by WhatIsThisWebsite September 20, 2016
A girl's private parts usually hidden beneath a pair of silk panties, a g string, or a tight thong. usually a code word for guys trying to get prostitutes without coming flat out and saying I want a hooker.
Excuse me I'll give you 500 dollars to see your fluffer nugget
by DefenseDevil October 20, 2010
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