girl that gives head to the porn stars behind the camera to keep the guys hard.
Yea....she gave good head! She must have a been a fluffer!
#head puller #dick sucker #cum guzzler #sideline chick #can't believe it's a job
by tmurder October 26, 2007
someone who is there emotionally for someone, but they dont get the goods.
girl: omg, i called someone a fluffer and they thought it was porn
boy: no a fluffer is someone who talkes but doesnt get the d
#fluff #fluffy #emotional #boys #notporn #jessa
by jmoneyisawesome38 December 12, 2012
The name given to someone who has all the responsibilities of a relationship but none of the rewards.
John went shopping with Shirley, but then Shirley left to go have ass fun with David. John is a fluffer.
#booty #sex #fluff #ass #balls
by cooter mcgavin February 22, 2015
Plain Jane definition -- Hotel worker that preps the room.

Urban definition 1 -- someone who preps a male porn star for his scene by making him erect.

Urban definition mine -- someone who prepares someone else to be in an aroused state.

Urban definition corollary -- someone who emotionally stimulates someone for someone else. Nice guys fall into this category all the time, although it can happen in other situations without the intent to be nice.
one -- she needed to be fluffed up prior to her porn pic -- she needed someone with a light touch to be her fluffer.

two -- I got a woman so hot on the dance floor -- turned out I was her fluffer. After she couldn't find me she went home with the first passable guy NSA.
#arouse #prepare #porn #penis #vagina #sex #excite #erect #professional
by pureabsolute March 11, 2015
A person that keeps another person sexually active during a break in a relationship. May also work in the porn industry keeping male talent erect through vigorous oral sex
Did you see JOD yesterday?
yeah, he's Laurens new fluffer
#slag #wanker #bumboy #rentboy #drogheda
by DefinitionKingAyers November 12, 2014
A fluffer, (usually in business), it's a person or group that a business created or hired to pretending to be a competitor against themselves. They usually pretend to be interested in a deal to only back out at the last second to better the real businesses chances, possibly for a better deal.
"The fluffer was sent in to sweeten the deal a week earlier but backed out, so we are good to go Boss."
#can't #think #of #a #synonyms #or antonyms
by St8dymobbin September 22, 2015
The word fluffer used to be used exclusively in the porn industry. The fluffer would keep the men hard when needed by stroking or giving blow jobs. Fluffer can also mean the cuckold who is forced by his cuckolding princess to get down on his knees and fluff up her boyfriend before sex.
Baby, I'm bringing a hot man home for sex later and I need you to be my fluffer because I don't want to mess my lipstick up.
#cuckolding princess #cuckold #porn #sex #blow job
by Cuckolding Princess September 17, 2011
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