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A peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich. (made like PB&J) Instructions for eating: 1. Take first bite of sandwich being sure to really taste it. 2. Flip sandwich over and bite again; totally different taste! This is a favorite of most pot heads due to the unexplainable change in taste. Also called a nutter fluff sandwich.
Lets get high and have us some fluff a nutter's.
#nutter fluff #fluffy nutty #nutty fluffy #nut fluff #fluff nut
by Dude's Girl January 21, 2006
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when you blow your load in a friend or enemies sandwich (preferably peanut-butter)and let them eat it while you sit there and laugh your ass off.
tori grab just ate a fluffanutter sandwich
#jizz #load #bj #rusty trombone #dirty sanchez
by joe hutchings October 29, 2007
Jizzing on the remnants of peanut butter after you've licked it off of a girl's pussy.
My girlfriend likes it when I eat PB off her pussy. So after I was dine I nutted on it and gave her a fluffanutter
by Death2Gingers May 22, 2016
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