The word refers to a girl who has an obnoxious personality who adores to prove that she is right. Ironically, the girl has a very disturbing personality and appearance in spite of the name that refers to a flower.
Girl 1: "Hey Flora!"
Flora: *treads on while ignoring Girl 1*
Girl 1, to Girl 2: "Looks like she has the brain and personality of a plant"
by florah8erh888 February 07, 2010
This is a Small Town In Carroll County Indiana. Known for its Drama. This place is the only in Indiana where the women's legs spread more than Rumors. The kids all hang in the "one way" because there is So many things to do.
Lets go to Flora and watch the douchebags gather on the side walks at dusk.
by Heywood Ublome July 13, 2011
woman that fucks behind her man's back with numerous men, with no feeling what so ever for the people she is hurting. a slut of with her legs so wide you could drive an 18 wheeler through them. a girl who only screws cholos.
I'm not intersted in a real girlfriend. just need a Flora to get me through for awhile.
by VinnieDeamon November 19, 2010
A name for a girl that spreads easily.
Girl 1 - "You're a right slag!!"
Girl 2 - "No I'm not - FLORA!!"
by emily laura May 04, 2005
something ugly.
as in BUTTERs.
gedddittt? ;)
can also be used to subtly offend something, by associating it with a made-up girl called Flora.
"that girl is such a Flora."


"so what do you think of my new top?"
"yeah, nice. i think flora has it." *silent sniggers*
by Jesskaa January 25, 2009
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