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1. n. A floppy dolphin has been administered when an unexpecting sleeper is awakened by a sharp slap from a semi-erect penis. The key is a penis that is not fully erect (which would be the billy club), but erect enough to be meaty. The result is a whipping action that can leave a mark.
Andy: Was Paul angry that you gave him a savage floppy dolphin last night?

Nick: Yes he was. In fact, Paul says he and three others will come when I least expect it to give me a flogging of the dolphins
by Lations September 11, 2007
When your doing a girl or guy from behind and after your done you shoot them in the back of the head.
Jeff~ Damn, the police are looking for me. I floppy dolphined this random slut last night.
Dave~ Your fucked!
by Hunter R. June 05, 2007
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