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Someone who fails in a sexual encounter to to temporary impotence. Usually due to alcohol or nerves.
Person A: Man, flopped it big time last night
Person B: You flopper.
by Down_to_pound October 30, 2008
A person who changes good friends, especially best friends, often.
"Isn't Sandy's best friend Kylie?"

"No, she's a flopper. Her new best friend is now Ashley."
by pookie8287 October 22, 2011
Someone who can't handle their alcohol or drugs and as a result cause a dramatize scene at a party, kickbac, etc....
Dorian: Hey, have you met my flopping ass friend matt?
Philip: the one who we had to carry out of the party last night?
Dorian: yeah
Philip: FLOPPER !
by Feel-up November 27, 2009
When a man makes the mistake of wearing basketball shorts to work or on his activities and for no distinct reason has a semi hard on, that annoys him throughout the day
Yeah but I gotta run home first and change into some jeans, I've been a flopper all day.
by Mr. Flopper June 25, 2011
When ones raging bull turns into a cowering cow.when the meaty staff turns to a wilting vegetable.
by psycho101 May 18, 2011
1. Person who cannot come up with a good definition for a made up word and give you a not funny reference to a videogame instead.
2. Someone who you asked to do something and instead went to sleep like a douchebag.
3. Replace Fuck.
4. A video game reference to shooting games when people die and continue to move after dying.
Marc give us a definition to this word we came up with.
Marc: Blah, blah, blah.
Dude that is not funny you are such a flopper.

Hey Francisco go type this. 5 minutes later... wtf why are you sleeping you flopper!
by Cockstain23 December 11, 2009
Someone who while having intercourse flops like a fish while attempting missionary position.
I heard that john kid is a flopper
by shake22 April 29, 2010