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When a woman or hermaphrodite slides their vagina across anothers face.
Andrew's mom gave me a flop job last night after sex.
by aBAND-ONEd April 08, 2004
a homosexual, derogatory term for fag, used in the Sopranos, also known as finook
Vito was a fucking flopjob!
by John Allaway November 25, 2006
Receiving a blow job from either male or female whilst having a flaccid penis.
This one time at a party I was so drunk I couldn't get it up and got a flop job.
by SmegWormGoon June 29, 2011
when a man inserts his penis in between 2 fat rolls on a girl/boys body.
OMG, did u hear that joe got a flop job!!!!!
by DIESEL29 March 24, 2011