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The situation which involves Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones acting or seeming to be in love with each other. Many people believe it to be true, and write about it when something "Flonesy" occurs.

Flones is a common pairing in Slash Fanfiction
Example of when Flones occurs:

Example 1) In the UCAP Tour when Danny jumps on Tom and they end up in a snuggling position on the couch.

Example 2) Many people believe the song "Little Johanna" to be about Each Other from Each Other's perspective.
- Little Johanna has big blue eyes. (Danny has big blue eyes)
- When the shivers are salty and the seafoam's the colour of space (Tom loves everything to do with space)

Example 3) They share mics so closely, they almost kiss.
by Alexandra88 September 21, 2007

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