the word flodge is a spelling derivation of the word flauge which is a shortened/slightly altered version of the word "camouflage".

the word gained popularity especially amongst american hiphop culture and is used mainly as a verb to describe someone lying, hiding, fronting or masking a truth or event.

flodge is often used as an alternate spelling of "flauge", as it is easier to pronounce. To those simply hearing the word, without knowing the origin (derived from camouflage) of the word, flodge proves to be a more logical spelling.
eg. 1

-sorry guys, i'm not going to be able to come to the game with you tonight because i have to stay home and do my homework.
-don't try to flodge! we all know you're just going to stay in and watch bullshit movies with your girlfriend.

eg. 2
-he said that someone broke into his house and stole all of the product, but i know for a fact that he's flodging.

-tony is such a bullshitter. everything he says is total flodge.


-man Waterworld was such a stupid movie. the entire premise was total flodge.
by dartmouthprescott November 18, 2009
Top Definition
to say will do something and then back out at the last minute.
He thought he could step to my game but he flodged when I brought that shite.
by MDpenoc February 19, 2004
a foldge is the event in which someone says they are going to do something and doesn't do it.
you flodged on me last night! or flodge can be used as a noun-- don't be a flodge!
by Rozel August 20, 2005
flodge, v. (flodging, flodged)
1) the act of being indecisive or uncommited, or to show a lack of sincerity.
2)To go back on one's word or to breach a promise.
(flodge) Jerry said he would be our ride to the club, but now he is flodging and won't answer his phone.
by guns and swords April 10, 2008
A combination of the words "flake" and "dodge"...when a person, usually a friend, cancels on plans or events at the last second for no good reason.
Brent's friends invited him over so that they could spend time with him before he moved all the way across the country, but at the last second he FLODGED because he was "too tired" to watch a movie and drink free wine.
by KtMcD January 23, 2011
A sly word to mutter to your friends when a good looking girl walks past, or right in their face, because they'll never know what you mean.
Ash: you see that girl over their?
Kiz: yeah she's proper flodge

girl walks past

by Ashley Squires April 30, 2008
The shortened form of the proper noun - Forest Lodge, a suburb in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Man - I live in the Flodge.
Girl - Flodge?
Man - Yeah Forest Lodge.
Girl - Oh, I live in Glebe..
Man - Don't talk to me.
by Cammo3000 September 05, 2007
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