A breed of the human species, probably a branch of the Down syndrome section of society.
I have encountered scores of people of this breed in my lifetime, and have been astounded to realise they have never been catagorized, which is something we humans like to do, stick people in boxes.

These people typically have a lower intellect and intelligence than your average person, the tell-tale signs include always wearing rather thick glasses and a ever so slightly offended look on their face.
They tilt their head back and peer at you down their nose when talking to you, raising their upper lip into a sneer that exposes the teeth.
Often found boasting about the great achievements they've come to accomplish in their life, the unfortunate engorged grandeur only suffices to expose the pitiful backwards living-at-home-til-25 lifestyle they lead.
Flob - I've got a motorbike!
Guy 1 - Oh, that's cool, what is it?
Flob - It goes dead fast! It's red.
Guy 1 - Huh?
Guy 2 - It's a moped, and his mother bought it for him.
Flob - I can play drums too!
Guy 2 - Great, did you get them for Christmas?
Guy 1 and 2 - Later flob.
by Ben Tricarico November 26, 2007
Top Definition
An image next to a group of words, usually a picture with the beginning of a word bubble, to look like the picture is saying whatever the person is. Commonly used on the website GaiaOnline.
"Hey can you make me a flob, my posts be looking mad gay."

"My flob is really bad, I drew it myself."
by Raddicchio December 31, 2007
it's slang for spit
"i flobbed on the pavement"
by charlotte the great July 27, 2003
Far Lands or Bust
Person 1:What are you doing

Person 2: Watching FLOB

Person 1: What?

Person 2: It's a Youtube Minecraft Channel
by CPT Baba November 20, 2011
A person who is self-centered. All things done for others has an alterior motive, and a flobs usually doesn't accept defeat, even when it is inevitable. Also, a flobs is arrogant and views himself as higher than anyone else, regardless of the event/talent.
Wow that dude over there is acting like such a Flobs.
by Nobody443333 December 24, 2013
A word to describe a mood where you are feeling pretty lazy and just want to chill out at home/at a friend's, and do nothing except watch movies/blog/eat etc.
"I think I'm just going to flob about today."
"I feel like flobbing."
"I think we should just flob."
by Emotionally Charged Student February 21, 2013
Combination of a Fat Slob
Yo who is dat over there?

Looks like a flob to me.

What's a flob?

A fat slob!

by jack a bee May 29, 2016
sperm, spunk, Semen
I can't wait to get into my wanking pit and throw some flob over my thumb!
by benmaye December 30, 2012
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