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Flitter: To flirt or hit on somebody via Twitter.
My friend spent the evening trying to flitter with girls on his smart phone.
by hey krankiboy July 09, 2010
8 7
A mix between flirting and Twitter. Using Twitter to flirt with another person.
If you think a girl is hot you should flitter her and let her know.
by Harrold Seaward February 18, 2010
13 10
When a female farts and the gas expels up her vagina, causing a flutter or clapping sound from her vulvar lips.
"Did you hear her flitter?"

"Yeah, it sounds like a baby clapping."
"That was definitely not silent, but it was deadly."
by kcMasterpiece June 02, 2013
2 3
Instead of using a curse word to express aggrivation, anger, or bad situations, just say Flitter.

Can be used in place of a plethra of bad words
Someone cuts in front of you, instead of cursing, you just say flitter !
by flitterword July 17, 2011
4 5
a vagina
I'm having cramps in my flitter, due to my menstrual cycle.

He's only talking to me to get some flitter.
by Katie Leigh'Ann February 10, 2009
17 18
A mess, pieces, tatters.
The dog left the shirt in flitters.
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
4 7
your vagina
my flitter flits in the wind.
by alskjd March 09, 2009
13 19