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The act of calling a girl you may or may not have slept with, preferably after meeting her at 7-11 while buying beef jerky, and dissing her out. Phrases couls include anything from "you're cut off bitch" to "don't call me again you slut". Threatening to do bodily harm, such as hanging said girl from a tree or beat with a bag of nickels. The latter is more extreme and only recommended while intoxicated.
Disser: "Yeah its (your name here), just calling to tell you you're a slut, so is your mom, I know cuz I got head off of her. Yeah you need to get some Summers Eve too. Good luck at Kutztown, slut."
Dissee: "I never even met my mom, I live with my dad!"
Disser: "Ahhk...well tell him I said hi...slut"
by Fred X February 23, 2005