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A flirtation device commonly used by young men when courting a young lass. Usually employed in the beginning of the flirtation process. To pull off the flirty lean, all one needs to do is lean on any available inanimate object while spitting game at the lass in question. The lean can occur in a plethora of situations and on many different objects. A wall, counter, school locker, chair, and many more are acceptable lean supporters. The objective of the flirty lean is to exude three things: I'm cool. Comfortable. Confident. (Can also be called the 3 C's)
"So none of my moves were working on that girl last night." -Mike
"Well did you try the flirty lean? That's always been a panty dropper for me." -Paul
"Oh snap! I can't believe I forgot about the flirty lean. It's a classic." -Mike
by thetruejwalk July 09, 2010
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